Many shipmates helped to make this site possible by contributing photographs, anecdotes, dates and moral support. The original GHRA site was developed by Chester Harris, EM, 1954-55 with an assist from Chuck Westerbrook, MM2, USS Tortoga LSD 26. If we have missed any shipmate when putting this list together, or if there are any errors in the list, please send an e-mail to the GHRA WEBMASTER and the appropriate correction or addition will be made.


Bill Driscoll, BM, 62-65
Bill Driscoll is our current Chairman

Bill Greene RM (50-54)
Chairman Emeritus; first chairman of the Reunion Association

Ron Kennedy PN (57-59)
Ron was the second Chairman of GHRA

Norm Berenis (52-55)
Norm gave us many of the 1952-55 pictures.

Jack Buick RD (56-59)
Jack developed and maintains this website.

Doug Burley BM (64-67)
Doug converted his color slides to digital for us.
Jerry Brown, ME3(53-56)
Jerry gave us pictures from the mid-fifties.

IraColhoff (51-55)
Ira contributed many color photos of the early 50s

Bud Corner (57-60)
Bud donated pictures from the late 50s.
Jim Culp, EN (51-54)
Jim contributed many of the pictures from the early 50s
Art Franks, SM2 43-45
Art is a plank-owner; he supplied several early photos of the ship.
Jack Harer RM (52-55))
Jack contributed pictures from his service time.

Chester Harris EM (1954-55)
Chester conceived and developed the original Angelfire website.

Jerry Hartenburg, ET2 (68-70)
Jerry gave us the pictures from his service years.

Jim Hulse SFM2 (59-63)
Jim gave us pictures covering the years 1959 to 1963.

Bill Ludtke RD (56-59)
Bill gave us several O Division pictures

Bob Mintz ET (52-54)
Bob gave us photos of the early and mid 1950s

Ted Reily TE (54-56)
Ted contributed color photos from the mid-50s.

Charles K. Smith, BM (43-45)
Charles is a plank-owner and sent the 1943-45 pictures.
Terry Troglin BM (64-66)
Terry gave us the video clip and pictures of the 2013 reunion.
Walter Wierzbicki BM3 (62-64)
Walter contributed a news article about the last cruise.
Santiago L. Aversa,
Candido de Lasala Q-43

Santiago provided the page for Candido de Lasala translated into English.