U.S.S. Gunston Hall LSD-5

Ship's Specifications

(ONI, 7 April 1944)

Displacement 4,032 (light draft), 7,930 (seagoing - loaded)
Length 457' 9" o.a.
Beam 72'
Draft 8' 2 ½" fwd, 10' ½" aft (light draft); 15' 5 ½" fwd, 16' 2" aft (seagoing loaded)
Speed 17 knots maximum (design speed)
Endurance 8,000 miles @ 15 knots
Crew Complement 17 officers, 237 men; Landing Craft: 6 officers, 30 men
Troop Complement 22 officers, 218 men

Well Deck Capacity (varies with mission)
3 LCT (Mk V or VI) each w/ 5 medium tanks or
2 LCT (Mk III or IV) each w/ 12 medium tanks or
14 LCM (Mk III) each w/ 1 medium tank or 1, 500 long tons cargo or
47 DUKW or
41 LVT or
Any combination of landing vehicles and landing craft up to capacity

1 - 5"/.38 caliber Dual Purpose single barrel mount in open tub (w/director)
2 - 40MM quad barrel Anti-Aircraft mounts (w/directors)
2 - 40MM twin barrel Anti-Aircraft mounts (w/directors)
16- 20MM single barrel Anti-Aircraft mounts (local control)

2 - Babcock and Wilcox Boilers, D Type, 2 Drum, Single Furnace, Single Uptake, Oil Fired
2 - Skinner Uni-Flow reciprocating engines
Twin screws

Retro-fitted with a prefabricated steel grated "Portable Deck" suspended between the wing walls and supported by removable I-beam girders. The aft end of the portable deck contained a wooden helicopter platform, enabling the ship to land and launch one helicopter at a time. Stowage of helicopters was limited to capacity of the portable deck installed for the mission. Aircraft servicing was limited to re-fueling. With portable deck and aircraft platform installed the ship was still capable of transporting, launching and repairing smaller amphibious craft and vehicles up to the size of a Landing craft, utility (LCU) in the well deck.

Arctic Conversion SHIPALTS
Enclosed Pilot House
Moved Flying Bridge up one deck
Enclosed 5"/38 Mount, Gun Director and Plotting Shack
Peak Tank filled with cement
Heating and Ventilation systems modified for cold weather operations
One each 24" Westinghouse carbon-arc signal/search light added outboard on Signal Bridge port and starboard
Enclosed water-tight bow lookout compartment

Source: www.navsource.org