Official of the Royal Spanish Navy and an outstanding fighter during the English Invasions, de Lasala is considered the forefather of the Argentine Marine Corps.

The ship began its illustrious career in 1943 as the USS Gunston Hall LSD 5. In 1970 she was retired from the active American fleet and transferred to the Republic of Argentina. Re-commissioned as the ARA Candido de Lasala Q-43 in May 1970 the ship served in the Argentine Navy for ten years. Decommissioned for the last time in 1981, she was sold to a private contractor and scrapped.

Aerial View of the Q-43 (ARA via Jorge FN Padín)

In 2003, Guillermo Bovone contacted GHRA after he had visited our website. He had served on ARA Candido de Lasala while a young man in the Argentine Navy. There is a story of his experiences on the ship in the Winter 2003-04  newsletter. The photo above is of Guillermo on a 40mm anti-aircraft gun.

q43tnc45.jpg Stern view of the ARA Q-43. Ushuahia, circa 1980,
with a TNC-45 FAC loaded in the Dock (Andrés Nobile)
ushu.jpg The Q-43 in Ushuahia, circa 1980 (Andrés Nobile)
Commanding Officers of Q 43 Candido de Lasala
From To Rank Name
25 March 1970 09 March 1971 Commander Luis E. Badaroux
09 March 1971 14 December 1971 Commander Ruben J. Chamarro
14 December 1971 15 February 1973 Commander Alberto O. Casellas
15 February 1973 21 February 1974 Commander Hector A. Terranova
21 February 1974 19 March 1975 Commander Enrique F. Donadini
19 March 1975 11 June 1975 Commander Raul Sotelo
11 June 1975 02 February 1976 Commander Salvio O. Menendez
02 February 1976 19 July 1976 Commander Hugo Piantanida
19 July 1976 28 December 1976 Commander Gustavo Grunschlager
28 December 1976 06 July 1977 Commander Pedro La Plaza
06 July 1977 06 January 1978 Commander Mario H.A. Brusk
06 January 1978 13 February 1979 Commander Carlos E. Rucci
13 February 1979 30 January 1980 Commander Emilio A. Bianchi
30 January 1980 14 April 1981 Commander Oscar R. Padilla
Rear Admiral Horacio Rodriguez (ret)
     Ships of the Argentine Navy 1970-1996 Its Commands and Operations.
Martín Ignaci Otero, C.P.A. and Santiago L. Aversa, J.D., LL.M.
     Candido de Lasala
Dr. Santiago L. Aversa, Master of Laws
     Historia y Actualidad Naval Argentina
Argentine Naval History and News.
U.S. Navy, Dictionary of Naval American Fighting Ships

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