Nineteen of our members with service dates as early as 1949 and through 1970, including Cdr. Ray West (1969-70), the last captain of LSD-5, boarded USS Gunston Hall LSD 44 for a special three day cruise arranged by Bill Greene and Cdr. John Walker, skipper of LSD 44. Two common comments were: (1) the Navy is for younger people and (2) whatever happened to the good old days (presumably when the ships were wood and the men were steel).

Bill Greene, LSD 44 XO, Captains West & Walker

Greene presenting LSD 5 photo to Capt. Walker

Captain Walker, LSD 44 and Captain West, LSD 5

Bow Line Handlers (Note the gender!)

Bow Line Handlers

Starboard Crane

LSD 44 Well Deck

Lay abouts

Sailors from a different time.

Our limo from LSD 44 to the beach.

Shipmates on board...

Bud Corner, SN, 1957-60
Chod Cremer, BM, 1950-53
James Culp, EN, 1951-54
Bill Driscoll, BM, 1962-65
Ed Flook, ET, 1958-60
Bill Greene, RM, 1950-54
Robert Horch, MM, 1949-52
Ron Kennedy, PN, 1957-59
Bill Leat, BM, 1949-50
Ron Long, FN, 1960-61
Dick McQuate, RM, 1964-66
Bill Newton, SN, 1957-61
Rory O'Connor, MM, 1960-64
Victor Silverman, MM, 1961-63
Quincy Stephens, TE, 1949-50
Al Stover, BM, 1949-53
Bob Sundquist, HM, 1951-53
Harry Trapp, MR, 1952-54
Ray West, Cdr, 1969-70