Joe Beauchamp, FN, 1944-47 in the day

May 3
G.Q. all night. Kamikaze dove into cruiser Birmingham, huge explosion killed several

May 5
Went over to visit LST 227. Had a visit with a boot camp buddy. Had beer!

May 8
G.Q. last night.

May 9
G.Q. every morning between 0210 and 0500. Very little sleep. Getting us down. No church services Sunday

May 10
G.Q. all night. Saw several planes shot down under search lights. A 410 plane raid came over. Two phosphorous bombs exploded near us killing several. Man on LSM in well burned his feet on smoke generator

May 11
No G.Q. What a relief. Shot down 124 Jap planes from midnight on the 10th until noon on the 11th. Saw night fighters take off from Yontan air field. Looks good

May 12
G.Q. last night. Very early about 0630 four planes came in very low! I came up from engine room and I was scared shitless when I saw them. Chief Ladao was next to me and he saw them too. Two made suicide dive on Battleship New Mexico one into merchant ship. Other escaped. G.Q. all night.

May 13
G.Q. last night

May 15
Went over to visit another mate from boot camp.aboard GC 4 at one time a luxury liner between Philippines and Panama

May 17
G.Q. all night. Shot down 3 planes.

May 18
G.Q. all night. We have had 125 G.Q.’s since we have been here since April 1st, getting all of the crew down, no sleep. We have an LSM in the well deck

May 19
G.Q. all night.

May 20
No G.Q. last night. Good

May 21
G.Q. all night, shot down seven planes.

May 22
G.Q. last night. Bastards came over during pouring rain, shot one plane down

May 24
LCI #758 and LCT #1427 in well for repairs.

May 25
G.Q. three times during night. Last night a Jap bomber landed on Yontan Field with 62 Japs aboard, all had hand grenades and TNT. USS Missouri pulled into harbor today. Nice job!

May 27
Took in our LCM’s for another invasion. USS Missouri pulled out, USS New Mexico and USS Idaho are in here now.

May 29
G.Q. early this AM, shot at several planes. Our planes have been flying in formation all day and looks good. We’ve had 5 days of rain.

May 30
Memorial Day, still raining, good chow.

June 1
1st two months in Okinawa. LCI #119 in well took suicide plane and bomb in fan tail. Killed 12 men hit near Okinawa. Got six planes to it’s credit.

June 5
Church services aboard Crescent City.

June 9
Entered sick bay for treatment on cyst

June 10
Entered sick bay for treatment on cyst

June 11
Discharged from sick bay, feeling better. Saw movie for first time since March 23rd. Movie was Hit the Ice with Abbott and Costello.

June 12
Lost #2 boat but we already have another, stores coming aboard.

June 13
Doctors gave away cigarettes!!!

June 15
Still raining but continue to work in well.

June 16
G.Q. last night, LSD#6 took six near misses, killed one man in small boat.

June 17
G.Q. at 2200. Island is now secured. We had 4 near misses last night. General Simon Bolivar killed on Okinawa.

June 24
Church services aboard ship, Captain’s inspection postponed. Latest scuttlebutt is that we leave tomorrow.

June 29
Church services aboard today. Latest that we leave tomorrow

July 1
Left Okinawa at 0900, three months here. We are LSD’s 4, 5, 6 and an escort for each. Underway for Guam and homeward bound. Calm weather

July 2
Underway for Guam, Eniwetok and stateside. Took a shot in arm??

July 4
No fireworks at sea, very calm.

July 5
Guam Island looks good. Carriers and CV’s all over the place. LSD’s 4,5, & 6 tied together. Part of crew went ashore for beer.

July 6
LSD’s #4 & #6 left early, LSV #3 tied alongside, underway at noon. On our own, no more Escorts.

July 7
Set clocks ahead ½ hour, smooth sailing

July 8
Saw few ships but the Mighty Gunston must go on. Sleeping topside now. Clocks set ahead ½ hour. No more G.Q.

July 10
Arrived Eniwetok, unloaded LCT’s which we picked up at Guam. At Guam we left LSM’s, underway supposed to reach Pearl Harbor on 17th.

July 11
Had navigation lights on last night. General drills today, had my dress blues altered

July 12
Same dope, quarters for muster. Now they say we are only going as far as Pearl Harbor. Duty in C.P.O. quarters, reveille is 0530. Tex is in sick bay so we have to break in a new man. We cross International dateline tomorrow at 1830, tomorrow is also Friday the 13th. Everything is shipshape, same dope

July 14
Duty in C.P.O. quarters, buffed and waxed steel decks.

July 16
General drills, dirty guns, so much crap flying we couldn’t see, many shells ruined

July 17
Pulled into Pearl Harbor, pretty scenery, many ships. Tied alongside LSD #4 Epping Forest. LSD #6 has already left. Got first liberty in sixteen months, had a few drinks, bought souvenirs and took pictures. My buddy Tex got picked up by the Shore Patrol for not squaring his hat

July 18
Got a Dear John from sweetheart. Underway at 1500 going to Portland, Oregon. Capt. Bentley was drunk and announced it on PA. Hooray. Bentley’s home was in Portland, Oregon so that was good. We ended up at Swan Island Shipyard for repairs.

July 19
LSD #4 Epping Forest is way behind us and can’t catch up. We are making good speed

July 20
Hitting rough weather, ship is rolling and pitching like hell. When we were in the typhoon In Okinawa the ship listed 40 degrees. Wow.

July 21
Buffed decks in C.P.O. quarters again

July 22
Still at sea, making good time but sea is very damn rough

July 23
Albatross have been following up since we left Pearl Harbor, they say that’s good luck. Still can’t see LSD #4 Epping Forest.

July 24
I get first leave home, Maybe 20 days, get into states tomorrow. Portland, Oregon.

That was the end of my log. I guess you know that we had been through Hell so now it was time to party and we did. Because flying was for the rich I took a train home to New York state. I think I was able to stay home for about 10 days, then headed back to my ship. I was on the train in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma when they dropped the Bomb so there was not much celebrating. When I got back to Portland I was the ship’s chauffeur. I’d pick up a vehicle from the motor pool in the morning, pick up the Captain and other officers, then get mail, etc. So I had every night liberty. So the party went on for quite a while.
The War was Over.

A recent photo of Joe